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Experienced across a thirty-year career in sales management and consulting, Bob Melka’s travel adventures have provided him with a vast archive of memorable encounters.   Like most, he suffers the routine annoyances and frustrations caused by incompetent bureaucrats, bumbling politicians, and service providers who cannot provide service. Unlike most, he refuses to succumb. Intolerant of what he terms “orchestrated ineptitude,” he tackles shoddy performance and service fiascos head-on in a self-appointed, one-man mission to change the world.  

A product of Midwestern origins and a transplanted Southerner by way of California, Melka’s good humor and affable nature equip him to weave a light-hearted tapestry from a series of personal experiences which, were he unable to extract their humor, might be a damning indictment of our cultural direction.  A non-writer, he credits a Jesuit education, Latin, Greek, and French, and a Notre Dame Communications degree with re-awakening his Muse on long, transoceanic flights. 

Melka resides in suburban Atlanta with his wife of twenty-nine years and their two grown children, Katie and Chris.  When he is not off solving problems for others or fighting his own one-man battles, he enjoys playing with sports cars and motorcycles.



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