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In Things That Give Me The Redass, Bob Melka dissects and examines the absurdities that have become an accepted part of our culture. Built around adventures spanning a career in consulting, he explores irrational government behavior, counterproductive corporate policy, the erosion of customer service, moronic rules and regulations, the hypocrisy of political correctness, and other systemic annoyances that we have been conditioned to silently endure.   

A consummate story teller, Melka bombards, with equal-opportunity irreverence,  airlines, banks, hotels, technology, the cable company, politics, the phone company, government, the DMV, and other inescapable irritants. The universality of his experiences will resonate with anyone who can read, count, and handle sharp instruments. 

Beyond its series of light-hearted escapades, the book serves as an operator’s manual for navigating one’s way through the indifference, ineptness, and orchestrated lunacy we regularly encounter and accept without challenge.  Things That Give Me The Redass is a training guide on how to confront “the system” and achieve remedy when “they” are wrong and you, if reason and sanity were to prevail, are right.


           Coming Soon in Paperback

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