Political Correctness: Hypocrisy on the Loose


            My son called me last year from Auburn, claiming to be in a bit of a bind.  He had less than a week to submit a research paper for completion of a writing course, and he needed help choosing a subject.  The assignment was to take a position on a topic that could be argued from diametrically opposed sides, cite compelling points that support the writer’s premise, backed up with documented background supporting each point. 

Chris and I had discussed the absurdity of Political Correctness on several occasions, and he shared my view.  I suggested that his thesis be “How Political Correctness is Ruining America.”  He thought that would make a great paper, and one into which he could pour his enthusiasm.  I suggested several sources for research, citing the traditional proponents of rational, conservative thought.  You know, the standard cast of right-leaning thinkers:  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Bernard Goldberg, Neal Boortz, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, George Will, the ever-incendiary Ann Coulter, and other conservative pundits who would likely support his premise and offer facts to back it up. 

He wrote a great paper, including an abundance of factual, quantified information, along with anecdotal evidence based on writings and quotes attributed to his sources.  He sent me the paper in draft, and I made a few suggestions regarding syntax, grammatical structure, and punctuation.  I thought the finished product was outstanding. 

The paper came back with a D.  His professor had three or four vitriolic comments, gouged in red ink with enough force to scratch her desktop, one of which, penned alongside a quote from Ann Coulter, was “She has an agenda !!!” 

Well, yeah . . .and you don’t?  Turns out the professor was rumored to be a raging militant feminist, which Chris had failed to tell me at the outset.  He had a B going into the final and came out of the course with a C, but he learned a valuable lesson: always pay lip service to Political Correctness with academicians in positions of power.  The climate of orthodoxy demands that one be as hypocritical as they are.  Universities would like us all to think that they are bastions of tolerance and diversity, where ideas and opinions, however controversial or divergent, are open to expression, exploration, discussion and healthy debate.  And they are, unless the opinion or ideas expressed challenge feminist, gay, racial, or liberal agendas.  Then freedom of speech is discouraged, physically suppressed, or met with appropriate retribution. Just ask Harvard’s ex president, Lawrence Summers.

My stance on Political Correctness is this.  It is stupid, dishonest, and hypocritical, all of which give me an enormous case of the redass.  The Speech Police on some of our loonier campuses, not content with eliminating expression they find distasteful, have formed squadrons of Thought Police and even Look Police.  Simply Google “college rules leering,” and you’ll find that it’s not uncommon for a male to incur disciplinary action for “looking in a leering or suggestive manner” at a woman.  Fortunately for most of us, this nadir of silliness is generally limited to college campuses, mostly in the Northeast and West, but the Speech Police have expanded their jurisdictional boundaries to society in general, and it really gives me the redass.

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Political Correctness